This page contains links to the recorded lectures and associated materials. Each lecture is accompanied by a set of notes, all linked below.

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Slack channel: #summer-school-2021

Prologue: Galaxies in the Universe (12:16 mins) — Tjitske Starkenburg (slides)

Lecture Overview (6:12) — Kathryn V Johnston (notes)

How and Why Galaxies Evolve

Martin Weinberg (notes)

Slack channel: #bads2021-3-evolution-of-galaxies

  1. Fundamentals

    1. Adiabatic Invariance and the Averaging Theorem (15:11 mins)

    2. Properties of Hamiltonians (5:51 mins)

    3. Invariance of Actions (15:14 mins)

  2. Application to a Disk Galaxy

    1. Setting up the calculation (16:01)

    2. Treating the Denominator (15:00)

  3. Classic Interaction Calculations

    1. Dynamical Friction (25:50)

    2. Impulsive Encounters (19:46)

Secular Evolution and Modes: Spiral Arms

Elena D’Onghia (notes)

Slack channel: #bads2021-4-modes-and-spiral-arms

  1. Statement of Problem (21:24)

  2. Instabilities and Waves (22:57)

  3. Swing Amplification (18:47)

  4. Numerical Simulations and Spiral Arms (26:42)